Wedding Planning Birmingham, Alabama

Tips on planning your floral budget & ways to save without looking cheap 😉 It’s no secret that the flowers are one of the biggest ways to convey the design aesthetic of your wedding, and it can also be one of the biggest budget items! Let us walk you through what a floral budget can […]

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, make sure you have a solid backup plan You booked your dream wedding day at your favorite outdoor venue – maybe it’s a garden, a barn with a beautiful field, a lakeside retreat, or the beach. You plan your attire, the decor, where the best photos will be. […]

Our best tips for your attire & Birmingham’s best wedding gown alterations shops You may not think that getting alterations on your wedding gown will be a big deal – but even at some of the most upscale gown shops, a dress you order will very likely need some alterations. Here are some of our […]