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Our best tips for your attire & Birmingham’s best wedding gown alterations shops

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You may not think that getting alterations on your wedding gown will be a big deal – but even at some of the most upscale gown shops, a dress you order will very likely need some alterations. Here are some of our best tips and things to keep in mind, after you have said “yes” to The Dress

  1. Sucking it in and pushing them up

Your undergarment choices will be crucial to help your seamstress fashion and fit your gown properly. Consider what type of bra – strapless, stick-on, sewn-in cups, backless – you may need. Spanx or other support wear could be needed, especially if you chose a sleek, modern gown. If you are unsure, definitely ask your stylist when you order your gown. They will always have suggestions on what will work well with your chosen gown and your body type.

It’s also a good idea to consider the time of year your wedding will be – trust us, sweating through Spanx all day is never fun! Do your best to purchase foundation wear that will support you, but also keep you comfortable throughout the day

2. Footloose

Bring your shoes to at least the final fitting to ensure your gown is hemmed to the correct length. This is a great tip for the guys too! Dresses can often look fine if they are slightly too short or too long, but for the men – or anyone wearing pants or trousers – the shoe makes a huge difference.

Don’t forget your alternative shoes – such as sneakers or comfy sandals for the reception. You don’t want your dress dragging too much while dancing!

3. Bustle up

Bustles can be simple hooks or buttons, some are complicated-color-coded ties. Regardless, bring someone who can observe how your seamstress fashioned your train’s bustle so that they can either do the bustling or show your wedding planner how to do it on the wedding day.

The time during your reception when the dress needs to be bustled is often short – and we want you to get into your party! But trust us – we have spent up to 30 minutes trying to get gowns bustled before! Pro tip: have your friend at the fitting record a video of the seamstress slowly and send it to your planner!

4. Stains happen

Another often-forgotten tip is to consult with your stylist and/or your seamstress about the best way to treat various stains on your gown. The treatment is wholly dependant on the type of fabric your gown is made from and what the nature of the possible stains are. While your wedding planner will have plenty of tricks up her sleeve to treat a myriad of mishaps, we love it when a client comes prepared too for possible stain removal.

Most of the stains will be around the hemline and are normal “wear and tear”, but we have had lipstick, blood, and (shudder) red wine spilled on brides’ gowns at our weddings. If we know what fabric your gown is made of, we can often help treat the stain better – and give the dry cleaners a head start on getting it pristine afterwards.

Whitney’s Gown – Jason Mize Photography

Birmingham’s Best Bridal and Formalwear Alterations Professionals

We have an excellent array of wedding gown shops – another post for another day – and some of them offer their alterations in-house. We would typically recommend that your use their in-house seamstress, because she will know that shop’s products well, unless you have a personal seamstress/tailor.

Here is a list of some of Birmingham’s best bridal gown seamstresses:

We hope this helps as you prepare for your big day! Shoot us an email if you have any questions or would like to book an initial consultation for your wedding planning.

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